How to Write a Kick Ass Blog Post

Blog writing appears to be pretty easy at first glance. Anyone can write a blog post. You just pick a topic, write a page of text, and publish it on your blog. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy. Thinking of something to write about can be surprisingly tough for starters, but even if you do have a topic in mind, writing a blog post other people want to read is not as simple as it looks.

Blogging is more personal than other types of writing and successful blogs are full of personality. The writer usually has a distinctive voice, which draws the reader in and keeps them entertained. This is your opportunity to make a connection with readers: let them get to know you through your writing.  You can be helpful, funny, or even controversial, but whatever you do, always try to be yourself; and don’t be boring!

Pick a Topic

Writing a blogBlogs can be about anything you like, but business blogs should avoid going too far off topic. Think about who your target readers are and write content for them. For example, say you sell plumbing spares for a living. Your readers will probably come to your website looking for information, so give it to them. A few ‘how-to’ articles could be just the ticket.

Use Images

Images are incredibly important. A well-chosen image will brighten up the page and make a post more interesting. You don’t have to include an image on every post you write, but where possible, include an image.

Write from Experience

The best blog posts are written from a personal angle. This is you talking, so be authentic. People don’t want to read the same information regurgitated again and again. Yes, it is difficult to be original, but try to find a unique slant on whatever you are talking about.

Format Your Blog

Online content needs to be formatted correctly. Reading on a screen is a lot harder than reading from a page. Large chunks of text tend to flow together, which is tiring on the eyes. The harder you make it for your reader, the more likely they are to click away. Format blog posts into short, easy to digest paragraphs and use sub-headings to make it easier to jump to different sections.

Proof Read Your Content

Always proof read your blog before you publish it. Little mistakes and typos have a nasty habit if creeping in and spoiling the flow of a blog. Too many mistakes look unprofessional, which is not great if the blog is linked to your business website.

The Long and Short of It

It is easy to get carried away writing a long blog, especially if the subject is close to your heart. However, don’t go overboard and write a stream of consciousness essay. Try and be succinct and to the point. Trim down any long rambling sections and avoid repeating yourself umpteen times. Most people have very short attention spans and asking them to read a post that is longer than 1,000 words is a big ask, particularly if they are reading it on a mobile device.

It takes time to get the hang of blogging, but the more you practice, the better your posts will be. The only way to improve is to keep doing it. Above all, have fun, as the more of a chore blogging becomes, the less likely you are to produce good content.

We don’t all have time to write great blog posts, so if you are struggling to keep on top of your blog, outsource the writing to a freelancer like me.

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