How to Source Great Content for your Online Store

Imagine walking into a shop on the high street and discovering the shelves are empty and there is nothing to buy. You would probably walk straight back out again! An online store hosted on an eCommerce platform is no different to a high street shop—with lots of interesting and compelling content, your customers have fewer reasons to back click and visit one of your competitors’ stores instead. So instead of making do with sub-standard product descriptions and page content, add some great content to your site and keep those customers engaged for longer!online store shopping cart

What is the definition of great content?

There are hundreds of online stores that are little more than an endless selection of one or two word product listings with a “buy now” link. Obviously, if your business is based on selling screws and fixings, this is probably the only way you can feature every single product without ending up with a website comprised of millions of pages. However, if you sell a wider range of products that would benefit from some interesting introductory text and a full product description, it makes sense to feature well-written and engaging content on the site.

How do I find great content for my online store?

If you are in a niche business and are an expert in everything you sell, adopt the personal touch and write your own introductions and product descriptions. Hopefully, you can include quirky bits of information and keep the customer interested long enough for them to buy your products or services, but if you have no desire to write or time is of the essence, the alternative is to engage someone else to produce some great content for your online store.

  • Ask an employee to produce fresh content for the site. As they already work for you, they should know everything there is to know about what you are selling. You can edit and upload the content as soon as it is produced.
  • Ask a friend or relative to produce some content for your store—this is a good plan if you are on a limited budget or you are owed a few favours.
  • Pay a professional writer to produce content for your website.

Will it cost me a fortune to hire a writer?

Prices charged for writing services vary considerably, but in general terms, as with any other service, you get what you pay for. However, content provision is a highly competitive field and it is possible to find excellent writers who are willing to produce interesting and informative content for a very reasonable price. Most writers charge per 100 words or by the hour, so negotiate in advance what you are willing to pay for the project.

Things to watch out for when buying website content

If you want quality content, always hire a writer whose native language is the same as yours. Just because someone claims to be fluent in a second language, it does not always follow that they are able to write naturally and fluently in it. What normally happens is that you end up with odd turns of phrase or dodgy grammar, both of which are to be avoided.

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