Blogging Tips – How to Figure Out What to Write About when Inspiration Runs Dry

Writing a blog can be challenging. When writer’s block strikes, the page stays blank and no matter how hard you try, nothing comes. For any writer, this is not good, but if you make your living from the written word, it is seriously bad.Watching paint dry

Sometimes, writing is easy and the ideas come with zero effort on my part. When this happens, the words flow from my keyboard. At other times, nothing happens, no matter how hard I stare at the screen. On days like this, I may as well call it quits and go do some laundry. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury – if I don’t write, I can’t earn a living.

Here is a quick guide to writing blogs when inspiration is lacking and you would rather watch paint dry than type 500 words on a random subject. It might not help, but some of these tips have helped me in the past.

Writing around Keywords

Keywords matter quite a lot. Google uses keywords to help it figure out what your page is all about. Not everyone cares much about keywords, particularly when writing a blog, but if you have a list of keywords you need to target, use this as a starting point for an article or blog.

Take one or more keywords and create a ‘mind map’. Write the keywords in the centre of a piece of paper and scribble down related words linked to your keyword. For example, if the keyword is dog collar, your list might include puppy training, dog accessories and dog fashion. This throws up any number of topics you could write about.

Use a Title Generator

Title generators are extremely useful if you are stuck for something to write about. Type a keyword or key phrase into a title generator and see what the software comes up with. The one I use comes up with around a 100 suggestions for every keyword. Not all of the titles will be a good fit for the keyword, but there are always some that are workable.

Current Affairs and News

Blogging about current affairs works well for some websites. Look for news items in your niche and write an opinion piece based on a story that interests you. The first section of the article can tell the reader what the story is all about and then you have a chance to put forward your own point of view. If you prefer to stay neutral, simply rework the news story and put your own spin on it.

Write from the Heart

The best blogs are written from the writer’s perspective. Instead of rehashing someone else’s work, the writer talks about a subject they are interested in or feel strongly about. Since the piece is largely all about their thoughts and views, it is by definition unique. Google loves original content, so this is the type of content you should aim for first.

Write about Anything

If you can’t think of anything to write about, just write some random blurb. It doesn’t have to be anything relevant to your blog. The point is to get your brain moving up a gear. Sometimes the act of writing itself is enough to give elusive inspiration a much-needed kick-start.

Take a Break

When your brain just won’t work or you have typed (and deleted) the same sentence about ten times, you need to take some time out. Creativity cannot be forced. Instead, take a break and go and do something completely unrelated to writing. Bake a cake, peg some washing out, walk the dog – whatever relaxes you and allows your brain to disengage. By the time you come back to your writing, you should be feeling refreshed and ready to have another go.

I hope these tips help you the next time you sit down to write a blog and nothing happens, but if you still find writing incredibly tedious, consider outsourcing your blog writing to someone like me.

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